The Keys to Successful Resource Investing and
Private Placements 

and How to Apply Them to Your Portfolio Right Now

Introducing: Doug Casey’s “Secret Weapon” 

 to Resource Riches, Marin Katusa… 

In an exclusive to International Man, Doug and Marin reveal…

  • Exactly when the big funds and brokers will panic into gold
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake novice investors make in a market poised for mania-style returns
  • The most lucrative “insider” way of multiplying your returns in a bull market by 200%, 500% and even 1,000% (and how Marin and Doug just did it – you’ll get the full details, including the name and ticker symbol of the company, so you could do the same)

“Without a doubt, we’re going to make ourselves a lot of money.”

-Marin Katusa

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