Testimonial and Returns Disclosures

Before you buy any of the products or services on our website, please read this…

The following contains facts, figures, explanations, annotations, full testimonials, and other resources about the promotional pieces on the Katusa Research websites.

In short, these are the resources used to put together the previous promotion. As you have seen, we publish testimonials in our promotions.

All those testimonials are the words of real subscribers that we received in real letters, emails, surveys, customer service tickets (via Zendesk) and other feedback (telephone – however this method needs a written follow up from the subscriber before being used in marketing and promotional material).

We publish this information to let you know that these results are possible and have been achieved by real people after reading our research.

However, you should also understand that we are advertising these testimonials because they are not typical.


These results are examples of the very best possible outcomes.

Each testimonial received has a date and time stamp of when it was received and the name and email of the person that sent it.

When we receive testimonials from a subscriber, we veil their last name and any identifying details to protect their privacy and identity.

We are aware that personal feedback and the financial results they share is personal and sensitive. Some subscribers do not feel comfortable sharing this information with us, especially knowing that we may publish it.

You should keep these questions in mind when assessing whether to purchase our products and whether you could obtain similar results.

Past results like these are no guarantee of any future result.

We wouldn't recommend anticipating such outstanding results with your own investments.

Yes, you could have results like these – or perhaps even better. But, it's simply not prudent to assume you will immediately make large investment returns.

Instead, we urge you to read our work carefully, to follow our risk management strategies conscientiously, and to invest cautiously while setting expectations that are based around our long-term performance averages.


If you have ANY questions or want more information about the marketing material you just viewed, you can send us an email to subscribers@katusaresearch.com.

Or you can also call our Customer Service team, from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. Pacific Time. Our phone number is: 1–(778)–737-7381. Note long-distance charges from your phone company may apply depending where you are calling from.

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